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Репост из: Umaroff | Blog.

033 The Horse Whisperer.pdf
033 The Horse Whisperer for #pre-intermediate level learners. Books for all levels at @welovereading. Enjoy

It has been a loooong time since we sent books last time. Although not regularly, I try to share books for all levels of English from time to time.

Репост из: City Books
Siz izlagan kitobni bizning online dòkonimizdan xarid qiling va òqib zavqlaning😍😍😍
@ash9294. At your service @Citybooks_Official

Репост из: Umaroff | Blog.

Репост из: CityBooks - Originals
I find what Nate O’Brien does really useful. He made a list of 5 books which changed his life. They are:
1. How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie
2. Getting to Yes
3. Influence (the psychology of persuasion)
4. Rich Dad Poor Dad
5. The 4-hour workweek

Honorable mentions:
* Awaken the giant within yourself
* Quiet. Watch video for more information on these books. Which of them have you read already?

You can order original copies thanks to Citybooks.

Репост из: CityBooks - Originals
New arrivals. Order the original books. If you respect the author's rights and can afford original books, check out @Citybooks_Originals.

This book has 3 main takeaways that are backed up with numerous case studies📖

Look at this easy-to-follow illustrative vocabulary book I've stumbled across😀

Yahoo! I've been waiting for this edition to come out for the past two weeks and here it is! Already in the process of reading📖

Need to practice your writing, analyze the essays of experts?! Fun book to work with🗒 #studymaterials

Репост из: Leader is a Reader 📚💪
029 Black Beauty.pdf
029 Black Beauty Audio.rar
If you love horses, this is the book you want to read, I have read it, it was so heart breaking and well-written work. Great read for elementary level learners. @welovereading

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