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IELTS Academy🐾 25 Sep, 18:02
Some people think that instead of preventing climate change, we need to find a way to live with it.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Climate change represents a major threat to life on Earth, but some people argue that we need to accept it rather than try to stop it. I completely disagree with this opinion, because I believe that we still have time to tackle this issue and reduce the human impact on the Earth's climate.

There are various measures that governments and individuals could take to prevent, or at least mitigate, climate change. Governments could introduce laws to limit the carbon dioxide emissions that lead to global warming. They could impose “green taxes” on drivers, airline companies and other polluters, and they could invest in renewable energy production from solar, wind or water power. As individuals, we should also try to limit our contribution to climate change, by becoming more energy efficient, by flying less, and by using bicycles and public transport. Furthermore, the public can affect the actions of governments by voting for politicians who propose to tackle climate change, rather than for those who would prefer to ignore it.

If instead of taking the above measures we simply try to live with climate change, I believe that the consequences will be disastrous. To give just one example, I am not optimistic that we would be able to cope with even a small rise in sea levels. Millions of people would be displaced by flooding, particularly in countries that do not have the means to safeguard low-lying areas. These people would lose their homes and their jobs, and they would be forced to migrate to nearby cities or perhaps to other countries. The potential for human suffering would be huge, and it is likely that we would see outbreaks of disease and famine, as well as increased homelessness and poverty.

In conclusion, it is clear to me that we must address the problem of
climate change, and I disagree with those who argue that we can find ways to live with it. -Simon

👍 97
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IELTS Academy🐾 25 Sep, 17:00
Репост из: Homework | Masofadan O'rganing
📖 IELTS imtihonlariga onlayn tarzda tayyorlanib, muvaffaqiyatli ballarni qo'lga kiritishni istovchilar uchun ajoyib yangilik.

🚀 Endilikda siz "Homework" akademiyasining IELTSCloud jamoasi tomonidan tashkil etilgan IELTS kurslarida masofadan turib o'qish imkoniyatiga egasiz.

🧗‍♀️ Biz bilan IELTS imtihoniga tayyorlaning va yuqori natijalarga erishing.

👉 Ma'lumotlar bilan tanishish
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IELTS Academy🐾 25 Sep, 13:05
IELTS Information 💠 | @IELTS_8

Speaking Part 2 FAQ 📄

Can I ask the examiner to change the topic in Part 2 if I can't talk about it?

- No, you can't change the topic. You must try to talk on the topic you're given.

Do I need to follow the prompts on the cue card in speaking Part 2?

- No, you don't have to. It's not compulsory. However, it's recommended to follow them because they offer a good structure for your talk.

#speaking ©️ @IELTS_8 👈
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IELTS Academy🐾 25 Sep, 12:01
🤩 IELTS Speed-up Course 🤩

Haven't you got much time left for IELTS Preparation ? 😕

Are you taking IELTS soon but you are stuck at 6 ? 😱

Well, good news😃 I have a course specifically designed for you 😉

Details about the course :
🖥Mode - Online
📆Starting Date - September 28
🗓Duration - 2 months
👨‍🏫Lessons - 4 times a week
💳Payment - 200 000 UZS per Month
🎯Target - 7 in IELTS

Requirements :
-Robust Internet Access 🚀
-Strong Self-discipline 🙎‍♂
-Prior Knowledge of the IELTS exam 🆗
-Laptop or Mobile Phone 📱💻

To sign up for the course, write to @Mr_Annoyer
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IELTS Academy🐾 25 Sep, 06:08
Advanced Grammar 🔰 | @IELTS_8

Usage of article "THE" ♻️

Use 'the' with names containing Union, United, Kingdom, Republic, Empire, or Dynasty:

☑️ The Soviet Union
☑️ The U.S.S.R.
☑️ The United States
☑️ The United Arab Emirates
☑️ The United Kingdom
☑️ The Kingdom of Sweden
☑️ The People's Republic of China
☑️ The Republic of Uzbekistan
☑️ The Roman Empire
☑️ The Ottoman Empire
☑️ The Han Dynasty

#grammar ©️ @IELTS_8 👈 .
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IELTS Academy🐾 22 Sep, 19:01
Vocabulary Booster 🚀 | @IELTS_8

Collocations are of paramount importance to considerably improve your speaking.

ADDRESS + issue

BOOST + confidence

COMBAT + crime

beyond plagiarism 👇
#collocation 🔗 @IELTS_8
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IELTS Academy🐾 22 Sep, 18:00
Barcha IELTS dan baland baho olish uchun Ingliz tilingiz yaxshi bo'lishi kerakligi haqida gapiradi. Lekin qanday qilib 8.0 ball lik darajaga chiqishni bilmaysizmi?

Bu savolga javob olish uchun Webinar boladigan private group ga qo'shilib oling👇

Bonus: Webinarda Writingdan 7.0 bal olish uchun aslida nimalarga etibor berish kerakligi haqida bilib olasiz.

Webinarni tajribali IELTS instruktor Mr.Malikov (8.0 👆) olib boradi. O'quvchilarining natijalarini pastdagi kanaldan ko'rishingiz mumkin.
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IELTS Academy🐾 22 Sep, 17:00
Barcha IELTS o'rganuvchilari diqqatiga!!! 📣📣📣

Endi sizda IELTS ni professional o'qituvchidan Telegram orqali bepul o'rganish imkoni bor! Tezda quyidagi link orqali kanalga kiring!👇👇👇
IELTS Academy🐾 22 Sep, 08:00
💡IELTS Reading Essentials

⚡ Reading tips and strategies
⚡ Practice questions
⚡ Explanation & Analysis

IELTS Academy 👈
Attached file
IELTS Academy🐾 22 Sep, 08:00
♻️ IELTS Speaking 7+tips

✅ Speaking tips+
✅ Sample answers
✅ Practice questions

IELTS Academy 👈
Attached file
IELTS Academy🐾 22 Sep, 07:00
"Haftada 7 kun dars" bunaqasi hali bo'lmagan😳😳😳

"Ingliz tili 3 oyda", "IELTS 2 oyda" kabi soxta gaplar hafsalangizni pir qildimi?! 😖😝🤔
Ha bilganingizdek, tilni o'rganishning hech qanday oson usuli yoki sehrli damlamasi mavjud emas! Faqatgina HardWork (mehnat) talab qilinadi!

Quyidagi guruhlarga qabul e'lon qilamiz:
9:30-12:00 (Stage 1)
14:00-17:00 (IELTS)

Taqdim etiladigan imkoniyatlar:

✅ Har kuni 2:30 soatlik darslar💪
✅ Darsda faqat 1 materialdan foydalanilmaydi! (Grammar, speaking, reading, listening uchun maxsus tanlangan yo’nalish va kitoblar)
✅ Ko’p yillik tajribaga ega o’qituvchilar
✅ O'z ustingizda ishlashingiz uchun ingliz tili muhitiga ega kutubxona!
✅ Yakshanba kuni bepul grammatika darslari!
✅ Hamyonbop narx (350ming so'm)😉

Ammo unutmang: o'qimagan va o'z ustida ishlamaganlar jazolanadi!👊

Darsda o’tiladigan materiallar haqida batafsil ma'lumot kanalimizda 👉@HardWorkLC
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IELTS Academy🐾 21 Sep, 15:16
Everyday Idiom 🔋 | @IELTS_8

To be down in the dumps ☹️
[Unhappy and Sad]

- He's been down in the dumps after he got his exam results; he got band 5.

- She always feels down in the dumps whenever she makes a mistake in Listening part.

IELTS Academy🐾 18 Sep, 19:01

Immaculate = Spotless, pure
Enlarge = Expand, magnify
Immature = Inexperienced
Fabulous = Marvelous, amazing
Immune = Resistant, exempt
Bottom = Base, foundation
Impartial = Neutral, unbiased, fair
Fair = Honest, just, impartial
Join = Connect, unite, link
Cease = Stop, discontinue
Jolly = Merry, jovial, joyful
Clarify = Explain, simplify
Jubilant = Overjoyed, delighted
Keep = Save, protect, guard
Minor = Lesser, inferior, secondary
Long = Lengthy, lasting
Mirth = Merriment, fun, laughter
Loose = Slack, limp
Mischievous = Naughty, impish
Luxurious = Extravagant, elegant
Obsolete = Dated, antiquated

#vocabulary 🔗 ©️ @IELTS_8 👈
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IELTS Academy🐾 18 Sep, 17:00
Репост из: Homework | Masofadan O'rganing
🇬🇧 Ingliz tilini uydan chiqmasdan, sifatli tarzda o'rganing!

😎 Atigi 6 oyda Ingliz tilini o‘rganishni ta’minlaydigan "Homework" innovativ onlayn maktabida ta’lim oling!

✅ Maktabimiz hozirgi kunga kelib 1000 dan ortiq o'quvchiga sifatli ta'lim berishga ulgurdi.

👩‍🏫 Siz ham o'quvchilarimiz safiga qo'shiling va malakali ustozlarimizdan bilim oling!

👉 Ma'lumotlar bilan tanishish
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IELTS Academy🐾 18 Sep, 12:00
Business Collocations | @IELTS_8

🧮Do business

🔖Conduct business (formal) (=do business)

🔗Go into business (=start working in business)

🖌Set up/start up in business

♻️Stay in business (=continue operating and not become bankrupt)

🚫Go out of business (=stop doing business because of financial problems)

♦️The music/entertainment/computer etc business

📝A business deal (=an occasion when you buy or sell something)

🧾Business activities
business interests
(=business activities, or shares in companies)

📇The business community (=people who work in business)

Do not say 'make business'. Say do business.

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IELTS Academy🐾 18 Sep, 10:00
❗️Часто ученики не обращают внимание на пунктуацию в английском языке. Специально для Вас мы подобрали 5 правил, которые помогут поставить запятую правильно✅
1️⃣ Вводные слова в предложении (well, yes, no) мы отделяем от основного текста запятой, например:
Oh no, I’ve broken the phone.
Unfortunately, I can’t finish this work earlier.
2️⃣Отделяем противопоставление запятой:
This lunchbox is mine, not yours.
3️⃣Выделяем пояснение запятой:
This movie, as you have noticed, doesn’t worth attention.
4️⃣Разделяет два прилагательных:
She is a smart, pretty woman.
5️⃣Разделяет части сложных предложений:
The coffee was cold, the waiter was slow, I won’t go to this cafe anymore.

📌Сохраните правило в закладках и пользуйтесь ими в любое время.

📞Свяжитесь с нами прямо сейчас:

🏬 Наш адрес:
г.Ташкент, ул.Ахмада Дониша, 81, 1-этаж
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IELTS Academy🐾 18 Sep, 07:01
IELTS Writing Tip 🍔 | @IELTS_8

Follow the standard structure📝

To get maximum points, you should follow the standard structure. IELTS Writing task 1 should be written as follows:

Introduction: briefly describe what your graph shows.

Overview: state main trends

Specific details: describe specific changes, providing data.

#ieltstip 🔗 @IELTS_8 👈
IELTS Academy🐾 18 Sep, 06:00
4-Month Online IELTS Course🎯

Who is ready to crack 7 in IELTS ? 👊

If you are😉, raise your hands and contact me immediately 🏃‍♂

Information about the course:
🎯Target - 7 in IELTS
📆Course Duration - 48 lessons
⏰Lesson Duration - 2 hours.
💳Payment - 150 000 UZS per month

-Intermediate level of English🆗
-Robust Internet Access🚀
-Laptop or Mobile Phone💻📱

To sign up for the course, write to @Mr_Annoyer
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IELTS Academy🐾 17 Sep, 18:01
😍⚠️ Happy News 😍⚠️
Now you can Test your English language, and Practice it with English Tests Channel For FREE...👇👇👇👇
IELTS Academy🐾 15 Sep, 15:11
IELTS Liz 👩‍🏫: Listening
Theme: Plurals

✅Practice and some tips for listening for plurals

🔬 IELTS Academy 👈 #liz