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What I've done
Reading passage 1✅
Listening day2 task20✅
Reading article about air pollution✅
Learn new worda by heart✅

And I wanna to sleep🫥😴😴
Good Night everbody🥱😴

Perhaps one did not want to be loved, as much as one did want to be understood.

— Ehtimol, insonga uni sevishlaridan ko'ra, uni tushunishlari ko’proq muhimdir.

©️Jorj Orvel


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7 beautiful words for mothers❤️‍🔥🫀

1. You are the sunshine that brightens up my day, the moon that guides me through the night. You are my mother, my rock, my everything.❤️‍🔥❤️

2. You are the epitome of grace, strength, and love. Your unwavering support and guidance have been my anchor in life.💞

3. Your love is a never-ending river that flows through my heart, nourishing me with every beat. I am blessed to have you as my mother.💕

4. Your selflessness and sacrifice have taught me the true meaning of love. You are the most beautiful person I know, inside and out.❣

5. Your gentle touch, soothing words, and warm embrace have always been my safe haven. You are the embodiment of unconditional love.❤️‍🔥

6. You are my role model, my confidante, and my best friend. I am grateful for every moment we share together.🫀

7. Your unwavering faith and unwavering love have been a source of strength and inspiration for me. You are a true blessing in my life.❤️

Ozodbek's blog🖤 dan repost
Study hard🤓🫥

Weather in Andijan right now.

Quite foggy, huh?

Today's homework

IELTS FOUNDATION is one of the most difficult group😮‍💨😩🥶

Some potential challenges of studying or working abroad include:

1. Language barriers: Adjusting to a new language can be difficult, especially if one is not fluent in the local language. This can impact communication, social interactions, and academic or professional performance.

2. Cultural differences: Adapting to a new culture and way of life can be challenging, and individuals may experience culture shock or difficulty in understanding local customs and social norms.

3. Homesickness: Being away from friends and family can lead to feelings of loneliness and homesickness, especially during holidays or special occasions.

4. Financial concerns: Managing finances in a new country, dealing with currency exchange rates, and understanding the cost of living can be stressful for students or workers abroad.

5. Legal and administrative issues: Navigating visa requirements, residency permits, and other legal or administrative processes in a foreign country can be complex and time-consuming.

6. Health and safety concerns: Accessing healthcare, understanding local safety protocols, and adjusting to different environmental conditions can pose challenges for individuals studying or working abroad.

7. Academic or professional expectations: The educational or professional environment in a new country may differ significantly from what individuals are accustomed to, leading to academic or professional challenges.

It's important for individuals studying or working abroad to be aware of these potential challenges and to seek support from their academic institution, employer, or local resources as needed.

Shu guruhga obuna bob qoyila ozizga kereli narsalani sotib olasiz 👍😊

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📼 360p,

Learn English through Stories (My Family) | Daily English Speaking Practice - Listening Skills


Meni o'ziga yaqin olganla shu kanalga kirib join ni bosb qo'yeli✊🏻

Harsh dan repost
kanalda odam ozroq bo'lsa yaxshi edi. reaksiya bosmedigonlar shunchaki mavjudlar kanalni bo'shatib qo'yilar pls

#new group

I'm very happy today😊 because i pass the exam. And from thursday i study at neuron in IELTS Foundation group😍. And I study hard. Because i will get an IELTS certificate band 7.0 or 7.5, maybe 8.0 Inshaallah🤲🏻. So I decided I decline a social network such as Instagram and Telegram.


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📹 Learn English with FRIENDS | Phoebe and the Christmas Trees 👤 #Learn_English_With_TV_Series

Language: English 🇬🇧
Subtitle: ✅



♦️Saying something in another way

What I'm trying to say is...
In other words...
To put it another way...
What I mean is...
Perhaps I should make that clearer by saying...

♦️Agreeing with an opinion
Yes, I agree...
That's my view exactly.
I would tend to agree with that.
I couldn't agree more.

♦️Disagreeing with an opinion
No, I disagree.
I'm afraid I disagree.
I see things rather differently myself.
I wouldn't say that is necessarily true.
I tend to disagree.
I'm not so sure about that.

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