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The channel is about:
*Universities application🧾
*El-yurt umidi foundation💵
*Common application🖋
*Scholarships and fee-waivers🤩
*Personal statement and motivation letter📝
Adminstrators : Xokimjonov Abdulhay and Tokurova Barchinoy (IELTS 7)

Kanal geosi va tili
O‘zbekiston, Inglizcha
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"El-yurt umidi" foundation offers grant opportunities for universities ranked below👇

Hello everyone 🤚🏻
Is your application process going well? Today and tomorrow we will temporarily stop our online classes 🙃
Instead of them I will give you some information about the "El-yurt umidi " foundation . Of course,I hope you understand it correctly👌

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#lesson 3⃣

You will agree to some of the flaws in it!😊
#lesson 2⃣

Video oldindan ko‘rish uchun mavjud emas
Telegram'da ko‘rish
The 3rd one

#lesson 1⃣

I will tell you the truth, we worked for 3 hours on the videos that I am going to upload now. To be more specific, we should have cut some unnecessary parts, but it was not possible. Because if the video is cut, its quality will be very low.
Therefore, I hope that you will get the information you need without paying attention to some of its shortcomings.
It was a great result for my 1st online lesson 😜

Note🌟 I prepare our lessons only in the evening, because in the conditions of our school there is no time otherwise.
I hope you understand correctly ☺️

What is the Common Application🤔? The Common Application is a single online college application form used by over 900 colleges and universities. Instead of filling out the same general information—like your address, GPA, and extracurriculars— a dozen times, you only have to do it once.

🏁My friends, we will start filling the Common application platform. Firstly, I will give you a little information about this platform.

Hello, everyone 🤚🏻I have one suggestion for you. So, write down the universities that you want to apply in the future in our discussion group. I will search their admission requirements as much as possible 🔍
Thank you in advance😊

So, that's it now 📌 Tomorrow, God willing, we will start the application process. We will reach 70 subscribers during the project.
Now we will start posting your acceptance letters on this channel after some time, of course 🤩
May God make our work good 😇🤲

Acceptance letter of Alabama.pdf
Booom🥳🥳 ⚜️6️⃣⚜️
Hello again everyone 🤚🏻
Honestly, I didn't want to hide the acceptance letter from you this time 😊 So I will post it on our channel as soon as it arrives. Of course, praise be to Allah for all this 🤲🤲
I will do my best to help you achieve even better results 😉

Acceptance Letter of VCU.pdf
Boooooom🥳🥳🥳 ⚜️5️⃣⚜️
Here is another happy news that ends today's beautiful day. Of course, all this is a gift from Allah Almighty, and we just tried. Once again, I praise Allah.😇😇
In particular, I wish that every student participating in our project will receive such results.🤲🤲

If I'm not mistaken, now is the time to update this list 📌
In Sha Allah, it will continue like this from now on.😊🤲

My friends😊, we have big news for you today at 11:00 PM. Get ready🤩!!!

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